Welcome to the City of Jefferson, Wisconsin

Jefferson, Wisconsin is a quaint Wisconsin community. Main Street shows off its vintage buildings and steepled churches built by German craftsmen. Two picturesque rivers flow through the middle of town. Our rivers will be a focal point for visitors and residents, so they can float up and catch a concert, meal and even camp along the riverbank. We know what we have is special, because people from big cities keep moving here. It’s also because we’re close by, comfortable, easygoing, hardworking, genuine and fun loving. If the great outdoors are important in your life, then Jefferson should be, too. Because, “We’re Going Outside”.

Winter 2020

Refuse and Recycling Changes in 2020

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News & Announcements

Monthly Brush Collection

Brush pick-up starts on the first Monday of each month throughout the year (unless snow plowing prohibits collection). You should have your brush out on the curb by 7 a.m. on Monday to ensure your brush will be picked up during the week. We ask that people put their brush on the tree lawn, with all of the larger heavy ends of the branches facing in one direction, with the flow of the traffic. We still have people piling their brush in a tangled, mixed up fashion. If this is the case, the city crew will leave the pile of brush for the property owners to either straighten out or dispose of themselves. Please understand that due to the LARGE volume of brush which can be put at the curb it often takes more than one day for the crews to circulate the entire City. Please be patient. 11/12/19 – Please see additional information under Leaf Collection to the right.

Construction Begins by North Interchange!

Construction of a hotel and retention basin have started on the northern border of the City of Jefferson!

Compost Site Information

The compost site is open to City of Jefferson residents and is located at the end of Maple Grove Drive. The site is open April through November and secured by 24-7 video surveillance. If you observe unlawful dumping, please report it immediately to the Jefferson Police Department. We appreciate all residents adhering to signage to properly place yard waste in designated areas. Mulch and wood chips are free to City residents. Thank you for cooperation. Monday: Closed Tuesday: Closed Wednesday: Open after 8am Thursday: Closed Friday: Open after 2pm Saturday: Open all day Sunday: Open all day 11/12/19 – Please see additional information under Leaf Collection to the left.

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Need Help?

Jefferson City Hall: (920) 674-7700
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce: (920) 674-4511