The City of Jefferson is proud to become a Bird City Wisconsin. For more information on how to become a Bird City Wisconsin, click on this link:

Bird City Resources

The City of Jefferson is fortunate to have both the Crawfish and the Rock rivers traverse through the middle of the city.  This location allows many birds to use the area as nesting sites and feeding spots.

It is the City of Jefferson’s goal to bring more awareness to our community on how they can help protect the population of birds in our area.  Did you know, according to the American Bird Conservancy, an estimated 300 million to 1 billion birds die each year from collision with glass on buildings, from skyscrapers to homes?  Birds simply can’t tell the reflection from reality. 

Did you know that the Great Wisconsin Birding & Nature Trail is a mapped auto trail that reaches into every area of the state. Full-color viewing guides with maps and descriptions of every site leads the nature traveler to warblers, shorebirds, eagles, loons, cranes and all manner of mammals found in some of the state’s premier wildlife venues.  The Jefferson area has a Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail site in its area along with two in the Fort Atkinson area:   Go Visit the Jefferson Marsh!

Checklist of Wisconsin Birds. A new publication from the Department of Natural Resources, Endangered Resources Program is the first new bird checklist to be published in Wisconsin in decades. The checklist is just the right size to fit in your shirt pocket and is available online at:
Wisconsin Bird Checklist

Check the WI Dept. of Tourism website regularly! Birding Things to Do – Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Looking to create a backyard bird habitat?

Bird City Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers to observe, count and monitor bird species, please contact the City of Jefferson Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.

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