Council & Committee Agendas

Common Council Meetings

-First and Third Tuesday of Each Month

Common Council Agenda


Zoning Board Meeting

-Second Tuesday of Each Month (held as needed)


RDA Meeting

RDA Agenda

Committee Meetings

-First and Third Tuesday of Each Month

Committee Agendas



Park & Recreation Commission Meeting

-Meets Once a Month (held as needed)

Park, Recreation and Forestry Agenda

Playland Agenda


Plan Commission Meetings

-Second and Fourth Tuesday of Each Month – 4:30pm

Plan Commission Agenda

Police & Fire Commission Meeting

-Meets as Required

Sex Offender Residency Board

Sex Offender Committee Meeting-March 9, 2021
Sex Offender Committee Meeting-June 8, 2021
(The June 8 Meeting has been cancelled.  There is no longer a need for this meeting.)


– Meets as Required

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