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2024 Open Book – May 14, 2024 (Call Accurate Assessor at 1-920-749-8098)

2024 Board of Review – June 4, 2024 – by appointment 

To attend Open Book, you will need an appointment (call 1-920-749-8098.  A link to the current assessment roll is below.  

Please use the following link to access more information on times and procedures.


Board of Review Form – Real Property —

Board of Review Form – Personal Property —

Property Assessment Handbook

Property Assessment Information

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Additional Information

The 2024 Objection Process will be as follows

1.  The Assessor will deliver the roll to the County Treasurer’s Office.

2.  The Assessment Roll will be received by City Hall.  Notice of Change in Assessment Notices will be sent to affected property owners.

3.  The public will be notified via the City website and thru our official media and other local outlets that the roll has been received and is now available for public inspection at City Hall.  This notice will be given a minimum of 15 days in advance of the Open Book and minimum of 30 days in advance of the Board of Review.

4.  You are strongly encouraged to attend the Open Book if you wish to contest the improvement value or personal property valuation of your property. Most objections are successfully handled thru this process.  Open Book appointments must be scheduled thru Accurate Appraisal at 1-920-749-8098 or 

5.  If satisfaction is not received at Open Book, the next step is Board of Review.  You must provide written notice of intent to file an objection to the Clerk of the Board of Review a minimum of 48 hours prior (  to the beginning of the BOR.  In addition, you are required to complete the State prescribed objection form (link found at the bottom of this page).  This form must be completed prior to assignment of a Board of Review appointment.  Appointments will be assigned by City Hall 920-674-7700.

Responsibilities of the Objector

Below is a listing of items which are the responsibility of the objector (property owner/representative):

  • Allow the assessor to view the property. Persons cannot appear before the Board to contest assessments if they have refused reasonable written requests, sent by certified mail, to view their property.

  • File an annual statement of personal property by March 1st if a personal property assessment is being contested. (Property owners may, however, submit the completed statement to the Board along with a statement of the reasons why they failed to submit the return.)

  • Provide written or oral notice of intent to file an objection to the clerk of the board of review at least 48 hours before the first scheduled board of review meeting. If the owner is requesting that a member be removed, that must also be stated at this time along with an estimate of the length of the hearing.

  • Complete the entire written objection form and file it with the clerk of the Board of Review. This must be done prior to or during the first two hours of the first meeting. This includes giving an estimate of value.

  • Object to only the total valuation of the land and the improvements of a particular parcel.

    Do not contact a board of review member or give them information about the objection except at a board of review hearing.

  • Present factual evidence first—evidence that supports the opinion of value stated on the objection form. Objectors may then ask the assessor questions.

  • Hire legal counsel or other suitable representation if unable to attend the Board of Review hearing personally.

Most importantly…KNOW your rights, read the Property Assessment Handbook (link below).  This will outline how you can object to your property value!!

Need Help?

Jefferson City Hall: (920) 674-7700
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce: (920) 674-4511