City Phone Directory

City Hall  (920) 674-7700
City Administrator, Tim Freitag
Finance Director/Treasurer, Tanya Stewart
City Clerk/ Deputy Treasurer, Sarah Copsey
Deputy City Clerk/Treasurer, Amanda Maahs
Administrative Assistant, Claire Scholten

Engineering – (920) 674-7727
City Engineer, Bill Pinnow
Administrative Assistant, Mary Acketz

Fire Department (920) 674-7723
Fire Chief, Ron Wegner
Receptionist, Vacant

EMS – (920) 674-2751
Director, Sue Reinen

Public Works (garage) (920) 674-7737
Foreman, Dave Hubbard

Library (920) 674-7733
Director, Leann Schwandt Lehner

Police Department (920) 674-7707
Police Chief, Kenneth Pileggi
Police Captain, Dale Lutz
Police Lieutenant, Alan Richter
Police Lieutenant, Joe Szwec
Office Supervisor, Leigh-Ann Hauser
Dispatcher, Mindy Fry
Dispatcher, Denise Reser

Parks, Recreation and Forestry (920) 674-7720
Director, Cyndi Keller
Supervisor, Karl Sorvick
Administrative Assistant, Mary Acketz
Parks Chief Crewperson, Ben Sikhart
Parks Crewperson, Tom Sukow

Senior Center (920) 674-7728
Supervisor, Sheila Frohmader

Wastewater Treatment Plant (920) 674-7705
Superintendent, Todd Clark
Lab Technician, Lisa Joseph
WWTP After Hours Number 920-674-7707
Water & Electric Department 920-674-7711
W & E – 24 Hour Emergency Number 920-674-7717

Museum 920-674-7731

Housing Authority 920-674-5294

Aquatic Center   920-674-7732

Business & Economic Development 920-674-7700 x 103

(Emergency)  Police/Fire/EMS 911

In addition, the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce can be reached at (920) 674-4511.

Need Help?

Jefferson City Hall: (920) 674-7700
Jefferson Chamber of Commerce: (920) 674-4511